There is hope again, because of you.

Thank you... from the depth of my being, thank you.
You have chosen to self-select, and this is not a small thing. This is not an insignificant decision.

Here's what you've done...

Self-selecting means choosing yourself to be among those who have committed to moving forward in their own individual and personal evolution by embracing and demonstrating behaviors that serve to awaken our species to who and what human beings really are (Individuations of Divinity), and to how that may be made manifest in our daily experience.

Because of you there is hope again. There is love again. There is God again. And there is the possibility again of Divinity manifesting in humanity, as it has done before—yet now, not just in rare individuals. but in, as, and though many more human beings than ever before, and much more consciously, intentionally, and fully than it may have previously occurred on such a scale. 

All of this because you have chosen to be a model, an exemplar. 

I ask you now not to let those words scare you. You and I have chosen this, but that does not mean that we need to suddenly turn into walking saints, paragons of virtue, faultless angels, or wisdom-filled gurus. It simply means we have chosen to openly engage, and openly demonstrate that we are engaging, in the process of our own evolution through the humble and ever-expanding effort to express our own highest thought about ourselves, about others and who they are, and about God and who God is..

You and I can do this, because this is not about suddenly “awakening.” As the extraordinary dialogue in CWG-Book 4 makes clear, we are already awake. Self-selecting means we are giving ourselves the opportunity—and the resources—to remember that.

Thank you for making that choice. And please know that you need not be alone in this decision if you do not wish to be. I am here, joining with you. And so are others. And there are wonderful resources available to you, if you wish to use them.

I send you and share with you my love. You inspire me.

Neale Donald Walsch                                                 

Your next step:


If you have been inspired to self-select by the invitation in Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species, you may find it extremely useful to learn more about the content in the CWG series of books, and about how its messages may be applied in everyday life. A dynamic platform, called CWG Connect, has been created specifically to support you in doing that, and moving forward with your decision to self-select. Here you will be given access to video, audio, and written material, full-length books, and a special place for high-level interaction with Neale, personally. As well, at this site is a community of people from across the globe who are actively moving their own evolutionary process forward, providing a social network for ongoing sharing and mutual support. We encourage you to make use of these multiple resources.


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