“Deep inside you know Who You Truly Are. We all do. It's not a question of discovering it, it's a question of claiming it. Being it. And that's actually easier done than said. We're all just one decision away from The Essential Path. It's a path that could change a world that deeply yearns for a new direction.”

- Neale Donald Walsch, author, The Essential Path


People everywhere are noticeably worried as they step daily into an “us against them” world, with people divided from each other as never before across political, economic, social, and spiritual lines. We're all asking, “What can I do? Is there anything the average person can do?” as we see the unifying fabric of our civilization being torn apart right before our eyes, separating many of us from our friends and even our loved ones, from our hopes and dreams, and from so much that gives meaning and value to our lives.

Sadly, we are turning against each other, rather than to each other, just when we need each other the most. But there is something we can do. In fact, we're all just one daring decision away from being able to make a major impact in changing directions.

In The Essential Path the bestselling author of Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch, offers a radical solution, peering into the heart of a broken, divided society and exploring the critical role that every person can play in returning to a place of peace, joy, and hope. While The Essential Path is a very short book, easy to complete in one quick sitting, don’t be surprised if you call it the most personally impactful book you’ve read in a very long time.




“I’ve never had a conversation with Neale Donald Walsch that didn’t expand my thinking and touch my heart, and reading The Essential Path has the same effect. At a time when we so need hope, Neale shows us where to find it.”
— Marianne Williamson


“I’m tempted to stand on street corners and hand out this crystal-clear book because it’s an answer to our challenging times. Read it immediately―and you will soar with conviction. You may no longer doubt your purpose or your place. You just may make the bravest decision you’ve ever made.”
— Tama Kieves, best-selling author of Thriving Through Uncertainty: Moving Beyond Fear of the Unknown and Making Change Work for You

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NEALE DONALD WALSCH is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before experiencing his now famous conversation with God. The "Conversations with God" series of books that emerged from those encounters has been translated into 37 languages, touching millions and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.

"Conversations with God" has redefined God and shifted spiritual paradigms around the globe. In order to deal with the enormous response to his writings, Neale has created several outreach projects, including the CWG Foundation, CWG for Parents, Humanity’s Team, the CWG Helping Outreach, and The Global Conversation --- all accessible at the “hub” website, and all dedicated to help the world move from violence to peace, from confusion to clarity, and from anger to love.

Neale's work has taken him from the steps of Macchu Picchu in Peru to the steps of the Shinto shrines of Japan, from Red Square in Moscow to St. Peters Square in Vatican City to Tiananmen Square in China. And everywhere he has gone --- from South Africa to Norway, Croatia to The Netherlands, the streets of Zurich to the streets of Seoul --- Neale has experienced a hunger among the people to find a new way to live, at last, in peace and harmony, and he has sought to bring people a new understanding of life and of God which would allow them to experience that.



Chapter 1.

The Proposition

     We're one decision away from a solution to humanity’s biggest problem.
     This is a decision so powerful in its impact that it would solve not only our species’ biggest collective problem, but the largest problem faced by every individual reading this right now.
     But be warned. This decision may not be what it seems—and it definitely will not fall in line with what is most widely expected or most generally accepted.
    That makes it a daring decision. Perhaps the most significant decision of your life. And don’t think you didn’t know that when you started reading here. You knew exactly what you were doing.
     And why.
     Nobody has to tell us that life on our planet is not what we had hoped it would be. All we have to do is take a look at what’s happening every day around the world—and in some cases, in our own lives.
     There are very few among us who have not found ourselves shaking our head in discouraged dismay at the latest tweet or online news bulletin or newspaper headline. And sometimes—too many times, perhaps—at the challenges confronted in our home.
     This leads to a compelling question: Is it possible—just possible—that there’s something we don’t fully understand about ourselves, about life, and about God, the understanding of which would change everything?
     To me the answer is obvious. Is it to you?
     If your answer is yes, you're invited to now undertake a very quick but deeply revealing explanation of everything—why things are the way they are on Earth today, when our biggest problem arose, what has blocked us from the obvious solution, and how we can dissolve the problem virtually overnight.
     We begin with some additional compelling questions.



Chapter 2.

The Questions

     What if the most wonderful ideas you ever had about life were true?
     What if the most wonderful ideas you ever had about yourself were true?
     What if the most wonderful ideas you ever had about God were true?
     What if the most wonderful ideas you ever had about what happens after you die were true?
     What would then be true for you?
     Do you think there would be any difference between how you might then experience life and how you now experience life?
     Your answers to these questions are now setting the course and direction of your experience on Earth, did you know that?
     Not to be overly dramatic about it, but it’s true. They are determining the path you will take.
     And humanity’s collective answers to these questions are now creating the future of our species by determining the path we will all take.
     Will it be the path that our species has taken for thousands of years—the one that got us here, where our lives and the world is today? Is this where we want to be? Is this our most wonderful idea about life? About ourselves? About God?
     Ideas are important. It is ideas that create beliefs, beliefs that create behaviors, behaviors that create experience, and experience that creates reality. And if our most wonderful ideas become our beliefs, life on our planet would look much different than it does today.
     Cognitive scientists tell us that all it takes is one in ten people to emphatically embrace an idea, and the mass will follow. What, then, could causejust one in ten people to believe that the most wonderful ideas we ever had are true?
     A single decision.
     We're one decision away.
     But we must make that decision now. Not doing so is starting to have, on all of us, a very real effect.



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